March Madness 2019 had one BIG name that everyone was talking about - Zion Williamson. The ask for this project was fairly simple, make a March Madness creative featuring him and perhaps put some other players in there, in case his team doesn't win. This brand, had a yearly theme that we had to abide by, and strict brand guidelines as to what was acceptable. This year's theme was all about textures. We'd used, football jersey textures, and the actual football texture on football creative. We did tennis ball texture for a Wimbledon creative. Just before March Madness started, Zion, Famously blew out his shoe and injured his knee. The agency was unsure if he would even be available to play in the tournament, so we rolled the dice and stuck with him as our main focus. Luckily for me, Willamson, came back to play in the tournamet, using the EXACT shoe that I chose for the creative. 
Below is how the creative looked on a mobile device, and a desktop device as well a the full banner, that would only be seen if you have a giant screen.  
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