Hello! My name is Finnley Montour.  
I am a creative designer and I have a diploma in Graphic Applications in Desktop Publishing from Concordia University's Continuing Education. I have 5+ years experience working in a studio in multiple design positions, including Junior Designer, Intermediate Designer, and Production Lead. 
I have been involved in graphic design for 19 years, making my start at an Indigenous agency called Mohawk Media as a 15-year-old summer student. 
I'm looking to either join your team, or cruise solo doing freelance. I would classify myself as a Jack of All Trades, but I do have a soft spot for photo compositing, a love for simple illustrations, icons, and typography (and oxford commas). 
I also have experience in branding/rebranding, logo design, art direction/mentoring, social media asset creation and template creation.   
I have a love/hate relationship with InDesign, a great relationship with Photoshop and an ever-growing relationship with Illustrator.  
Just here to say, Donatello is the best ninja turtle 
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