The Client was starting a new weekly online poker tournament, for high rollers. This client had a weekly poker tournament where thousands of players could join and the prize pool was $100,000. This specific tournament was to get the higher rollers, the players who had a lot of money and played high stakes, interested in playing in an exclusive weekly tournament. 
The ask was to come up with a poker banner that was different than the $100K GTD tournament and also abided by the extremely strict brand guidelines. Part of the brand guidelines was that each and every banner had to showcase Las Vegas in a way where it would come across as Vegas in a matter of seconds. The colors also have to be really saturated and in your face, and lastly because this tournament was exclusive it had to showcase exclusivity in some way. 
I decided to use the High Roller ferris wheel in Vegas as a play on words and turn it into a poker chip with the name of the tournament in the middle, as if it was a branded poker chip. The High Roller ferris wheel in Vegas gives you a 30 minute ride with exclusive sights of the Vegas strip with an optional Open Bar Happy Hour. At the time, it was Las Vegas' newest attraction, so was seen as an exclusive Vegas experience. 
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