The client wanted a new logo and look for the women's hockey team he coaches. The team is called the Chesapeake Bay Lightning and they play in a women's league near Washington DC. The ask was to actually have a logo for their team and some new jerseys since what they were playing with at the time were jersey's without a logo and the Florida Panthers colors. The first look is an icon style type logo with the C and B and a lightning bolt with three different color schemes, keeping yellow as a main color. 
This look is a secondary look, using the first logo as a secondary icon similar to the foot on the Colorado Avalanche's jerseys. This plays on the shield that the Florida Panthers have on their jerseys. Based on conversations with the client it wasn't necessary to get the entirety of Chesapeake Bay, but Chesapeake was the important part.  
Here we have the logo's in black and white/grey scale. These logos were delivered to the client and upon approval, they were mockedup into the jerserys.
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