The Client, Rezolution Pictures, had a new television show airing on the Indigenous network APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network). They wanted to have a social media presence for this show, to engage with as many viewers as possible and to showcase some of the things that didn't make it into the final cuts of the episodes. The show "is a fun and exciting documentary series about the Mi’gmaq Indigenous men and women of Listuguj, Quebec who make their living on the nearby rivers and ocean fishing for salmon, crab, lobster, and shrimp." 
The ask was to make campy and fun social media templates for Instagram and Facebook. The client wasn't sure what they wanted or what type of content they wanted to put on social media as this was their first time doing so. I was given a lot of freedom to explore different types of templates and posts they could share with their social media followers. After having a brainstorming session with the client, their main wants were posts for new episodes and posts that would showcase the people of Listuguj. Each episode consisted of following different types of fishermen/women; each new episode template corresponded with the type of sea animal that would be showcased in the episode. Each animal/object was taken from actual images from the shooting of the show and then traced and drawn digitally with a fun texture and color added to keep with the campy theme.
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