The Client was starting a new poker tournament on their online poker product with the prize pool being the biggest ever at $1,000,000 guaranteed. This was by far the biggest and most important poker tournament they've had. 
The ask was to make online banners, including a website carousel main banner, email banners, Social Media banners, Affiliate animated Gif banners etc. The concept had to represent poker, winning, money and it had to all fall under extremely strict brand guidelines. This brand has to be from first person point of view, it has to show action and adventure, it has to be rugged and manly. For this specific project it has to show that you can qualify from smaller tournaments or buy into the main event. 
What's more fun than an old school pirate map and your trusty compass to suggest action and adventure in a rugged, manly way? Not a whole lot. I used the Goonies movie from the 1980's as an inspiration for this project. A couple of guys, who are on an adventure looking for treasure. I thought that adding in a stop on the map would be a great way to showcase the qualifier events. I made a play on some islands and called them the qualifier islands and had them as a poker chip stack instead of a group of mini islands. 
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